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A Clouded Mind by Rick Stephen


Am Ominous Sky

Am Ominous Sky

Depression isn’t a popular topic of conversation and those who suffer from it certainly don’t like to talk about it. Beyond the crushing sadness and the myriad of other symptoms it causes, admitting to it can make you feel weak, a failure. No one wants to admit they’re having difficulty coping and that they need help. Yet it is exactly what they need to do first.

Depression isn’t like the cute cartoon character with a cloud over his head following him around. For me, it felt more like this …

A Clouded Mind

An endless, heavy, pounding rain
beats upon my weary brain
a flooding sense of my sorrow
drowning hopes for the morrow

This bleak shroud hung over me
extends as far as eye can see
a dim and dour, sullen gloom
darker than a dead man’s tomb

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