Recorded Poems

microphoneHere are a few of my poems that I’ve decided to record for your enjoyment. Hearing a poem performed can be an entirely different experience from reading them. Indeed, the same poem can seem like two different poems depending upon how the reader interprets it and performs it.

I do hope you’ll enjoy these few. I’m not a voice artist so try not to laugh too hard! If you enjoy them, please let me know. I’d be pleased to record more, if there is an audience. Thanks for listening!

A Clouded Mind

A Glass Shattered

A Simple Smile

Face in a Foggy Mirror

He Walks Alone Out on the Pier

The Lesson of the Rose

Watching, Waiting, Waiting Still


  • Sannel says:

    Hello Rick,

    Thank you for this very rare and enjoyable treat. A beautiful read!



    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Sannel! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Maybe I’ll record some more, if the feedback is positive. Thanks again!


  • Wow! This is outstanding…
    I enjoyed it.
    You have done a most terrific job,..

    Maybe I will have mine in this format one day…
    You rock!!!


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Alexander! I appreciate the words of support and I’m glad you liked it. It was a lot easier to do than I expected and the only snag I had was determining the best audio file format to use in order to keep the files sizes down so that they load quickly yet are still of sufficient quality.

    I hope you do record some of yours too. I thoroughly enjoy listening to other writer’s work. Best of luck with it and thanks again!


  • Susan Sproull says:

    Hi Rick!

    You have such a soothing voice. Love your poems. If you ever give a poetry reading please let me know. I will want to get a front row seat.


    Take care my friend


    poeticfool Reply:

    Hi, Susan! First off, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed my recorded poems and I’m thrilled you liked the sound of my voice. I was quite hesitant to put them out there for fear that people might not like how my voice sounds. I mean, how would I know? Right? Thanks for the reassurance. If I ever give a reading (big if), I’ll be sure to let you know first! Thanks again, my friend!


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