Absence by Rick Stephen

/ˈabsəns/ noun

the state of being away from
a place or person,
the nonexistence
or lack of …

your touch,
your scent,
your way …



Fisher’s Club by Sharon Chmielarz

If you wish, you may visit the archived columns at www.americanlifeinpoetry.org, where you may find other poems by the poets we feature. Today’s is the third we’ve published by Sharon Chmielarz. a Minnesota poet with several fine books in print, including The Widow’s House, just released by Brighthorse books.

Fisher’s Club

A roadside inn. Lakeside dive. Spiffed up.
End of a summer day. And I suppose
I should be smiling beneficently
at the families playing near the shore,
their plastic balls and splashes and chatter.

But my eye pivots left to a couple;
he is carrying her into the water.
He’s strong enough, and she is light
enough to be carried. I see
how she holds her own, hugging
his neck, his chest steady as his arms.

I have never seen such a careful dunk,
half-dunk, as he gives her. That beautiful
play he makes lifting her from the water.

And I suppose I should be admiring
the sunset, all purple and orange and rose now.
Nice porch here, too. Yeah, great view.

But I have never seen such a loving
carrying as he gives her. Imagine

being so light as to float
above water in love.



They Dance Through Granelli’s – Pat Emile

American Life in Poetry: Column 580

Pat Emile is Assistant Editor and Jill-Of-All-Trades for this column. Were it not for her help I couldn’t keep these weekly selections coming. Here she is in another role, as a poet, stopping in a little food market and noticing things the way a poet should notice them.

They Dance Through Granelli’s

He finds her near the stack
of green plastic baskets waiting to be filled
and circles her waist with his left arm,
entwines her fingers in his, pulls her toward him,
Muzak from the ceiling shedding a flashy Salsa,
and as they begin to move, she lets
her head fall back, fine hair swinging
a beat behind as they follow
their own music—a waltz—past the peaches
bursting with ripeness in their wicker baskets,
the prawns curled into each other
behind cold glass, a woman in a turquoise sari,
her dark eyes averted. They twirl twice
before the imported cheeses, fresh mozzarella
in its milky liquid, goat cheese sent down
from some green mountain, then glide past
ranks of breads, seeds spread across brown crusts,
bottles of red wine nested together on their sides.
He reaches behind her, slides a bouquet
of cut flowers from a galvanized bucket, tosses
a twenty to the teenaged boy leaning
on the wooden counter, and they whirl
out the door, the blue sky a sudden surprise.



Micropoetry – Alone on the Porch


alone on the porch,
the sun burning a hole
in the horizon,
a breeze, gentle,
ever so slight,
caresses my face and,
closing my eyes,
your breath



The Virtuoso by Rick Stephen

violinistThe Virtuoso

She plays me
gently, tenderly,
yet masterfully
as one would
a priceless violin
her fingers,
soft and supple,
caress fragile heartstrings
and her bow
with perfect touch
and time
miraculously make
a magnificent melody
in spite
of broken strings left
by the less gifted
or less caring before her
playing me as I am
yet finding the notes,
in sequences
and combinations,
that bring forth music
in the timbre of my soul



Alone In The Crowd – Rick Stephen

Large crowd of peopleI sat by myself
in a crowd today
just another seat
filled anonymously
not unlike
so many others around me
and a woman
somewhere near
wore your perfume
I knew it instantly
and as if by instinct,
breathing in deep,
I closed my eyes
and was taken away
the crowd vanished,
the din faded
and there I was
alone in the crowd
with you



Micropoetry – 18-August-2014

as his lips roam
she quivers and moans
she shudders, she sighs
begging reprise

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Forever Savored – Micropoetry – 11-March-2014

deep_kissYour sweet taste
lingering in my mouth
will be forever savored
without a doubt



A Rose Waits – a quatrain by Rick Stephen


Photo: Rick Stephen – Click to Enlarge.
A Rose Waits

the rose waits to unfurl
even though she is so fair
for her beauty goes unnoticed
as long as you are there

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Spirit of Love Poetry – Poems about the Miracle of Love and Life

KDMI confess I’ve been remiss in writing about a wonderful poetry blog recently started by a new friend of mine, Katrine Dal Monte. Katrine is a multi-faceted individual with talents ranging far beyond her poetry. Her new blog, Spirit of Love Poetry is dedicated to love poems and showcases not only her own wonderful work but also that of her friends. When I asked Katrine her plans for her blog, her answer was simple:

“Well, basically, I will continue to add my poems to it, and I will add more friends/poets links to their HubPages and/or blogs, plus if anyone is interested they can add their own love poems to my blog. I’m not trying to monetize on my blog, just to share really.”

Frankly, her’s is a simple and refreshing attitude; a desire to share her own poetry and promote that of her friends. If you enjoy love poems, I encourage you to visit and bookmark Katrine’s blog, Spirit of Love Poetry. Return often, I’m sure the content will be growing fast. When last I checked, Katrine has already devoted six pages to her friend’s poetry. I don’t know about you but I think the web can use more sites like Katrine’s.


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