Yet I Try by Rick Stephen

plantincrackToday I published a new poem on HubPages entitled “Yet I Try.” It’s about holding on to your dreams in the face of disappointment and repeated failure, about not giving up. It’s likely most people will be able to relate simply because very few dreams of any substance are realized without a measure of blood, sweat and tears. The bigger the dream the more blood, sweat and tears are usually shed realizing it.

I wrote this because a dear friend of mine has been struggling lately, feeling dry, defeated and like giving up. I wanted them to know that they can and will push through these hard times. That they are stronger than even they know and that their talent and ability will shine brightly again … soon. I hope you enjoy it and maybe draw a little inspiration, if you are feeling this way too. Remember, it’s not something unique to you. Everyone feels this way at some point. As always comments, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome!

Yet I Try

I lose
yet I win
for I try once again

I doubt
yet believe
or my dreams life will thieve

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“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” – Langston Hughes

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A Random Act of Violence by Rick Stephen

I’ve finally finished a poem after the Christmas holidays pretty much shut me down. Each December I have two weeks off until just after New Year’s Day. I had hoped to have lots of spare time to devote to writing. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out to be the case.

So it was with a sense of satisfaction that I finally put pen to paper or more accurately fingers to keyboard and started to write yesterday. “A Random Act of Violence” was the result. I’m not quite sure how this poem ended up as it did. The poem was inspired by childhood memories of laying on the snow at night watching new snow fall out of the darkness above. How and why this pleasant experience morphed into this poem I honestly have no idea. Still, I hope it brings a chill to you in an unexpected way. Enjoy!

A Random Act of Violence

A bed of fresh snow
sends chills down my back
but the will to move
is something I lack

above me snow falls
with nary a sound
twinkling like stars
against blackness profound

they dance and they swirl,
flitter and flutter
on breezes unseen
with millions of others

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The Swim by Richard Stephen

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in my usual genre lately and have been looking to expand out to other new and interesting areas. The response to some of these poems has been quite gratifying. Others not so much but being a new writer I must remind myself that it is all a learning and growing process. After all, I’ve only been at this a little over a year and a half and it’s not like I had been a “creative” individual in the past. So, I keep plugging away at it.

It’s something I encourage you to do also. Even you if you are happy and comfortable in your favored genre, branching out and experimenting will help expand your mind and horizons, expose you to different styles and methods of writing and make your a better writer in your chosen genre. You can start by reading poetry in genres you don’t normally read. You might be surprised at what your find and what you like! Either way, it may give you ideas and inspiration you can incorporate into your own writing.

My latest poem, “The Swim” is a deviation from my typical romantic fare. It’s still rhyming verse but written with cinquain stanzas with a little different rhyming scheme. I hope you enjoy it and, as always, your comments and criticisms are very much appreciated.

The Swim

Icy swells crash over his head
as he swims against the tide
a buoy he seeks
yet he’s growing weak
his fear subdued by his pride

Earlier that night he’d made a bet
after drinking a few too many
to the buoy and back
of pride he’d no lack
he knew he was as strong as any

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My Words Fail Me by Rick Stephen

Everyone has experienced those times when there are no words to express what you are feeling. Whether it’s trying to express your love for someone special or the depth of your sorrow and regret for having wronged them, sometimes words just fail us. We reach and grasp, stutter and falter trying to find that perfect sequence of words that will convey exactly what we mean. Other times, however, we are afraid to even try for fear our words will not only not relate our true meaning but in some way make things even worse.

My latest poem entitled my words fail me

blank white paper
waits to receive
thoughts that I have
dreams I’ve conceived

things that it seems
words can’t express
leaving true meanings
for you to guess

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Come the Sun

This poem is a reflection on setting your hopes where they cannot be realized. Just like the most pleasant and vivid of dreams, try as you may you will eventually wake up to reality. It is called Come the Sun and you can read it in it’s entirety on HubPages. Thanks for taking a look!

Come the Sun

God, she was too perfect
though she was but a dream
a figment of my imagination
existing there only it seems

She saw me for who I was
always seemed to understand
offered me her friendship
extended me her hand

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Beaten by Five Minutes by Rick Stephen

Beaten by five minutes
it’s the story of my life
who knew five short minutes
could cut so like a knife

You can miss so very much
when you’re late to start
in three hundred little seconds
you can lose your hopeful’s heart

In that brief space of time,
that handful of mere seconds
someone else can swoop in
and you could finish second!

Don’t hesitate, don’t think twice
don’t even take the chance
don’t hold back a tiny bit
when it comes to sweet romance

So in a race for a heart
don’t be the late beginner
being second’s same as last
there can only be one winner!

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Writer’s Block … Again!

I’m thinking I must have bought several of these without knowing because it doesn’t matter where I am now, I can’t seem to write a word! Of course, I’ve had writer’s block before. Several times, in fact. But this is one of the worst droughts I have suffered in quite some time. I’ve done all the usual things that have helped break the block in the past all to no avail. If someone has some spare inspiration they can send my way, it would be very much appreciated! I’d be glad to return the favor in the future. 🙂



A Hard Lesson Learned by Richard Stephen

My latest poem, A Hard Lesson Learned, is more of a rant. A rant about counting on friends and depending on yourself.

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A Simple Smile by Richard Stephen

Sometimes the smallest of act human kindness can make a huge difference in a stranger’s life. My latest poem, “A Simple Smile” is about just that.

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