Golden Season – a new haiku by Sannel Larson

sannelsittingMy dear friend Sannel Larson has been a busy lady of late. She has published several children’s books, illustrated another and created a number of beautiful pieces of digital art. Which by the way, you can see and purchase on her artist website on Fine Art America.

She’s also published some new haiku including this one, Golden Season, which is absolutely wonderful! Combined with her beautiful photograph, it’s worth your time to visit. I hope you will and take the time to leave this immensely talented woman a comment. I know she will appreciate it!



What is Haiga?


With the ever-rising popularity of haiku, you may have seen haiku paired with art. The art could be a painting, a sketch or even a photograph. As you might expect, there’s actually a name for this and it’s “haiga”. Haiga is a natural and wonderful extension of haiku.

A Traditional Haiga:  A Little Cuckoo Across a Hydrangea by Yosa Buson.

A Traditional Haiga: A Little Cuckoo Across a Hydrangea by Yosa Buson.

The word means “haikai drawing”, and it is a style of Japanese painting that merges both image and words. They are typically painted by haiku poets and were accompanied by a haiku poem. Haiga celebrate simple, yet profound observations of the everyday world. While traditional haiga were painted using traditional Japanese implements and methods, haiga styles vary widely and were often quite unorthodox.

Traditional haiga are still produced today. However, many contemporary artists, particularly in the Western world, create haiga with modern technology coupling haiku with digital imagery, photography or other forms of media. See my attempt at haiga at the top of this post. Other examples of excellent haiga can be found on Sannel Larson’s blog, Sannel’s World of Poetry. Please give it a look and don’t forget to leave a comment. Bloggers live for comments! 😀

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Two New Haiku by Richard Stephen

After reading some haiku written by a couple of friends, I was inspired to try my hand at this very different form of poetry. I had written one haiku before which can be found somewhere on this blog. Anyway, I wrote a couple new ones but, being new to haiku, wasn’t confident enough to publish them. After getting positive feedback from my friends, I was encouraged to go ahead and publish them.

And so I have! My two new haiku, entitled Pine Forest – a Haiku and Hummingbird Heaven – a Haiku can be found on Hubpages. I do hope you enjoy them and your comments and criticisms are very much welcome.

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My First Haiku!

Haiku has become quite a hot topic in an online writer’s community of which I am part. Upon the challenge of a particular friend (sunshine), I have taken my first feeble steps into the world of Haiku. I’m sure a Haiku purist could cite a number of reasons why this isn’t truly haiku, but what the hey! I had fun writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Snow succumbs to sun
budding blossoms ache to show
nature’s blushing hues




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