Summer Amnesia – Haiga by Richard Stephen

Summer Amnesia

Summer Amnesia

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The Little Things – a Haiga




A Hybrid Haiga/Senryu … of sorts!


I’ve written a hybrid haiga/senryu … of sorts. I say, “of sorts” because a senryu like a haiga follows a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Purists don’t get upset! I realize that in an authentic haiku this pattern is in “on” and that “on” don’t necessarily equate to syllables in English. That aside, haiku are typically about nature, have a reference to the seasons and have a “cutting” word. Senryu are typically about human nature, our foibles in particular and are also typically cynical or darkly humorous. They have no reference to a season or a cutting word.

This little piece doesn’t really fit into either genre. Since I wanted the message to be about serenity and beauty in the human soul, a part of human nature, I call it a senryu. Whatever it’s called, my hope in writing it is that when you have the chance to enjoy a beautiful, serene moment (a sunrise, sunset or whatever), you allow it to not only bless your eyes but also allow it to fill your heart. Let the beauty and serenity of the moment still your soul and center you. You won’t regret it!

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A Haiga for the New Year


With the change of calendars, one of my desires is to write more this year. To make writing a higher priority than it was last year. So, it made sense to publish a something new today, January 1st, 2014. I mean, it wouldn’t be such a great start if I skipped writing the first day now would it? I hope you enjoy this simple haiga. Happy new year, everyone!



Scent of a Haiga – now available on Blurb

Sannel black and white3My dear friend, Sannel Larson from Sweden, has combined her significant talents for poetry and photography into a wonderful new book, a piece of art really, entitled, “Scent of a Haiga“. I’ve been a fan of Sannel’s haiga for some time and have always enjoyed her sensitive and insightful verses and lovely photos that reflect not only the beauty of the world about her but also the beauty that resides within her. Anyone who knows Sannel knows exactly what I mean.

scentofahaigaIf you haven’t read Sannel’s poetry before, then you are in for a treat. Not only are the haiga wonderful but the book itself is a quality hardback available in dust jacket or image wrap. It will give you hours of enjoyment as you read and re-read her haiga and it will also make a great addition to your library. I plan to display mine prominently on my coffee table so that visitors to my home can also enjoy Sannel’s talent.

Scent of a Haiga” is available now on Blurb just in time for the holidays. It really would make an excellent gift! You can also enjoy more of Sannel’s poetry and her other interests on her two blogs, Sannel’s World of Poetry and Sannel in a Nutshell. Both are well worth repeated visits!

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Four New Haiga Celebrating Autumn by Sannel Larson

My friend, Sannel Larson, lives in Sweden. Autumn is well under way there and the foliage is donning it’s fall colors. She took her camera with her on a recent walk with her faithful four-legged companion Max and took some beautiful photos. She used some of these photos to create some even more beautiful haiga celebrating autumn.

These new haiga and much more can be found on her blog, Sannel’s World of Poetry. I know you won’t want to miss these lovely haiga. While you’re there check out her other poetry and her newly published children’s book, Melvin … bad, bad kitten. It would make a wonderful gift for young ones with the holiday season quickly approaching.



A New Haiga by Sannel Larson

Almyrida Beach

Almyrida Beach, Crete
Click to enlarge image
Photo: Sannel Larson - 3-Aug-2013

My dear friend, Sannel Larson, is currently vacationing on the beautiful Greek island of Crete. The island’s beauty and charm have conspired to inspire her to create a new haiga which you can read on her blog, “Sannel’s World of Poetry“.

I was quite tempted to post her lovely haiga here but she is deserving of the traffic. It is her haiga, after all! But I have decided to tempt you to visit her blog by using her very own gorgeous photograph here. It seems Sannel is also quite a talented photographer as well. Hopefully, she will bless us in the future with more of her lovely haiga like this one. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.



Serenity – a Haiga by Richard Stephen


Photo: Richard Stephen – 7-June-2013

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What is Haiga?


With the ever-rising popularity of haiku, you may have seen haiku paired with art. The art could be a painting, a sketch or even a photograph. As you might expect, there’s actually a name for this and it’s “haiga”. Haiga is a natural and wonderful extension of haiku.

A Traditional Haiga:  A Little Cuckoo Across a Hydrangea by Yosa Buson.

A Traditional Haiga: A Little Cuckoo Across a Hydrangea by Yosa Buson.

The word means “haikai drawing”, and it is a style of Japanese painting that merges both image and words. They are typically painted by haiku poets and were accompanied by a haiku poem. Haiga celebrate simple, yet profound observations of the everyday world. While traditional haiga were painted using traditional Japanese implements and methods, haiga styles vary widely and were often quite unorthodox.

Traditional haiga are still produced today. However, many contemporary artists, particularly in the Western world, create haiga with modern technology coupling haiku with digital imagery, photography or other forms of media. See my attempt at haiga at the top of this post. Other examples of excellent haiga can be found on Sannel Larson’s blog, Sannel’s World of Poetry. Please give it a look and don’t forget to leave a comment. Bloggers live for comments! 😀

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