Summer Amnesia – Haiga by Richard Stephen

Summer Amnesia

Summer Amnesia

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Who Knew, Who Knew – a poem by Richard Stephen


Who Knew, Who Knew

It’s been a few months
since you’ve gone
enough time now
for it to sink in fully
that you’re gone
I’m not quite sure
what to do with that
you’re my big bro,
after all

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My photographs now available on Fine Art America!


I’m proud to announce that a number of my photographs are now available for purchase on Fine Art America! I placed selected photographs there and will be adding more over time. If you see an photo that you would like for your very own, Fine Art America makes it easy for you. You can order each photograph in a number of formats including simple prints, canvas prints, framed and matted prints, acrylic prints and metal prints in a variety of sizes. You can even get them in greeting card formats!

I hope you’ll stop by and take a look at my page there. Even if you don’t see anything you like I’d appreciate your visit and comments on my work. Thanks and enjoy!

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Words Once Read by Richard Stephen


Words Once Read

Dead once they’re read

No one will note
nor little remember
these words of mine
and that is just fine

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Unkissed Lips – Micropoetry by Richard Stephen

harsh words
were too comfortable
on her unkissed lips
always lonely for love
she wonders why



Reminder: April is National Poetry Month

readingToday’s post is just a quick reminder that tomorrow, April 1st, is the first day of National Poetry Month here in the USA. Poetry, of course, knows no borders so I encourage everyone, everywhere to celebrate April like it’s National Poetry Month wherever you are! You can learn more about NPM and how you can participate in this hub I wrote a while back.

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Micropoetry – 14-March-2014

Mind Field

Painful memories
buried in my mind
some explosive,
and don’t want to find
So I fear each step
for I walk blind
and am on terrain
that’s been well mined



Forever Savored – Micropoetry – 11-March-2014

deep_kissYour sweet taste
lingering in my mouth
will be forever savored
without a doubt



The Little Things – a Haiga




A New Poem: “No Life Left to Spend”

clockfaceI’ve been thinking a lot about living lately. Not in the general sense but living life fully, living in the moment and not holding back. Living where you take chances and try to live without regrets. Looking back on my life, I see long stretches where I haven’t done that. Certain things, like parenthood for example, do limit you somewhat. We do have responsibilities to others and can’t only think of ourselves.

But at this point in my life when my children are basically grown and I’m, shall we say, on the downslope side of life I realize it’s time to live more fully, in the day and take some risks. The last thing I want to do is lay in my deathbed, if I should be so lucky, and be filled with regrets for things I wanted to do, places I wanted to see and people I wanted to love and didn’t.

My new poem, “No Life Left to Spend“, was written as much for me as the reader. It was written to be a reminder that life is meant to be lived in the here and now, not in memories of the past, in our bygone glory days or in the regrets that we had none. Nor in the future, in the anticipation of things that may never come be they good or bad. I’m not saying forget the past or don’t plan for the future. Those are musts. Just don’t live in them. Live in today!

No Life Left to Spend

Yesterday is behind you
to nevermore be seen
so relegate it to the past
with all that could have been

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