Micropoetry – 5/24/2016 – Rick Stephen

girlwindowshe waited for him with
an abiding patience
yet he had worlds
to conquer
of which hers
was but one

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  • Susan Sproull says:

    Beautiful yet sad. He is her world but he is not her’s. Maybe he is. How long does one wait?

    Hope you are doing well Rick. Take care my friend.

    Sue 🙂


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thanks for visiting, Sue! I hope you enjoyed this one. It feels good to slowly start writing again after such a long break. Take care, my friend.


    Susan Sproull Reply:

    @poeticfool, I enjoyed it very much Rick. Glad that you are writing again. I still write from time to time. Stress from work seems to have stifled my creativity. I did write the following poem last Sunday so I guess there is still some creativity left in me.

    Spring is in the Air

    Spring is in the air
    Time to put on our shorts and sandals
    Shed our winter wear

    Take a walk
    Ride a bike
    Inhale the sweet fragrance of blossoming flowers
    Do what you like

    Enjoy the freshness of a cool summer breeze
    Soak up some sun
    It will put you at ease

    Gather with friends and family
    Dance to the beat
    Listening to musicians
    Playing on the street

    Drink spring water
    From a flowing stream
    Gaze at the night sky
    Wish upon a star
    Create your dream

    Let your imagination soar
    Fly upon a nightingale’s wing
    Spring is a time of renewal
    Hear the birdies sing


    poeticfool Reply:

    Hi Sue! Thanks for sharing your uplifting poem. Now me and the 3 other people who read my blog will be able to enjoy it too! Oh, wait, that should be 2. You’re one after all. Haha! Yes, spring has arrived. Isn’t it wonderful just like your poem! Glad to hear you still write from time to time. Don’t be shy about sharing them, my friend. 😀

  • Sannel says:

    How accurate you have made sense of a woman’s point of view – pragmatic and sane while men can be such fools. . . . 🙁
    Just as always your micro poetry brings words to the mind, putting thoughts into questions and possibilities.
    As always I love your work, my poetic friend. Keep them coming!


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Sannel! I do so enjoy reading thoughtful and insightful comments such as yours and Sue’s below. Getting the feminine viewpoint of these words I’ve written is especially satisfying. Thanks again!


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