Thoughts Upon My Bed by Rick Stephen

Thoughts Upon My Bed


I wonder

Has the night always been so deep
and dark?

In my youth, it seemed
much less so

When twilight thoughts upon my pillow drifted on calm breezes
into serene dreams

And always returned with morning’s wind
and the rising sun.

Now, tempest tossed, they are driven far, far away, lost
in night’s inky blackness

Ships receding, then slipping over unknown horizons,
never to return

So tell me

Has the night always been so deep
and dark or

just that my mind has become
much more so?

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  • A poet always will drift into dreams and see things and experience them like no other. So never let the night bother you my poetic friend. Tis but a moonbeam before mornings light when all will be well again with your soul. Nicely penned and nice to see you back in form, bravo Rick.


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thanks for the visit and the comment, Vincent! It sure felt good to write something again.


  • Susan Sproull says:

    Love the imagery Rick!


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Sue! I hope all is well with you.


  • Sannel says:

    Dear Rick,

    your creative thoughts have me wishing for my own peaceful childhood dreams back. Wonderfully penned and thought provocative poem, Rick! I’m glad to see you writing again. Keep them coming! 🙂


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thanks so much, Sannel! It felt good to write something again and I hope I’ll have more time to do so now. I appreciate your comments and I’d be glad to see you write something again too! Take care, my friend!


  • Tim Mitchell says:

    Good to see your work Rick. A very reflective poem for me these days not working. Nights have changed, sleep, dreams, and awakening to . . . hmmmm . . . I can relate with the struggle for slumber to arrive with a mind of its own it seems.


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Tim! I can see by your comment that you get the drift of my poem. That’s very satisfying to me as a writer. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Take care!


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