In the Land of Ennui – Rick Stephen

This poem was inspired by a particularly slow and tedious day. I was far more than bored and blue, I suffered from full-blown ennui. It’s a word I rarely use but was most apropos, I think. As you read, you will notice a tip of the hat to William Shakespeare toward the end, a quote I think fit in with the flow quite well. Thanks for reading. As always, your comments are most appreciated!

ennuiIn the Land of Ennui

The sun rises
on another day
just one more
in an endless sequence
that hold nothing
but onerous seconds
followed by more
onerous seconds
making mundane minutes
and the minutes, irksome hours
laden with fatigue
marked only
by heavy sighs
and rolling eyes
holding no interest,
challenge or danger
only an unsated desire
for some flame of fire,
a spark of hope,
a break in the tedium
waited for
but not coming
and after waiting interminably,
the sun dips low
and shadows grow
the day succumbs
and what dreams may come,
will be my salvation,
in the land of Ennui

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  • Sannel says:

    Rick, I’ve had those days in the past. . . and you have described it so well in this poem. It’s not easy to put this feeling into writing but you have penned it brilliantly. I also love how you weaved William Shakespeare’s quote into the poem at the end. Splendid! Great work, my friend!


    poeticfool Reply:

    @Sannel, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you liked my poem and I’m especially glad you could relate to the feelings I’ve tried to portray. That is always very satisfying for me. As always, thanks for visiting my little blog!


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