Cupid’s Miscue by Rick Stephen

Cupid's Arrows by Perrault Leon Jean Basile

Cupid’s Arrows by Perrault Leon Jean Basile

Cupid’s Miscue

My love I found when young and stupid,
an easy target for a careless Cupid

Who never did take the blame
for the results of his errant aim

A lovely lass and a handsome guy
each having caught the other’s eye

Went not unseen, so Cupid’s arrow flew,
found her heart and true love grew

And having little time to waste
his next shot made with reckless haste

Turning, drawing, the arrow flew
this time though his aim not true

Cupid then left without a care
to find and match another pair

Not waiting long enough to see
his arrow miss and then strike me

Leaving she and I both standing there
the victims of his grievous error

With hopes for love looking grim
since I love her and she, him

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  • Susan Sproull says:

    Rick your poem clearly shows that all is not fair in love and war.


    poeticfool Reply:

    No it’s not, Susan. Sometimes it’s downright cruel! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.


  • Sannel says:

    Aww. . .see how much problem a careless Cupid can make. Rick, this is so sweet and funny! Lol! Love your sense of humor, my friend! 🙂


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thanks, Sannel! I’m glad you saw the intended humor and enjoyed the short read. Thanks for the visit.


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