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Power of WordsTo say I’ve been remiss keeping this blog up is an understatement, a big understatement! I’ve let the busyness of life crowd it and other such “optional” priorities out. I say “optional” because this blog, my writing and photography in general don’t pay the bills and put food on the table. I wish they did but they don’t. So, when push comes to shove these things get shoved aside.

I’ve come to a realization though. However “optional” these things may be when it comes to life’s responsibilities, they are nonetheless necessities when it comes to my personal happiness and wellbeing. While I’ve focused on other things, I found myself increasingly frustrated, irritated and blue. I’ve realized that allowing responsibilities to crowd out these personal necessities is the cause. Writing and photography are my prime outlets for expression and creativity, things essential for my wellbeing. They are how I cope with the stress and strain of daily life.

Pushing them aside to get to my “real” priorities has been a big mistake. Oh, it may work for a while, a short while, but as my frustration and irritation levels grow my productivity and efficiency decline. In the long run, I’m better off dedicating time to my personal pursuits to ensure my mind is healthy and strong for my “real” priorities. So, what I’m really asking is this. What are my “real” priorities? What are YOUR “real” priorities? You can cut corners on some things, for a time. You can short change others but you can’t short change yourself. It will catch up with you. Just some food for thought.

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  • Sannel says:

    Rick, please know that your work have been missed. I have not been writing much of late either, and it’s frustrating. Reading this post , have me realize that I’m so much like you, but I guess all writers are in one way or another. We should not let the busyness of life get in the way of the one thing we love so much. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but I for one, after reading your words, will try to make my writing a daily priority, even if it’s only for twenty minutes a day. Twenty minutes may not be much, but at least I will not feel short changed and I’m actually doing something good for my well being. Thank you, Rick for a great post. All the best with your writing. 🙂


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thanks, Sannel! I guess there is comfort in knowing that this is something common to most, if not all writers. I’ve heard many times that making writing a discipline, doing it every day, is one of the first steps to writing success. I think you have a good idea and one that I should try too. Thanks for reading, my friend. Best wishes on your writing and artwork too!


  • Tim says:

    Good to see you wrestle with the spirit over this Rick. It is good to do sometimes. I agree. Even though I do not publish these days, I write in my journal pretty much daily. It may be this or that in different genres, but it opens the creative door to feelings through expression. I can only say keep things in focus (wink). It is actually a part of your being (especially if creative), essential for wellness, and brings about resolve for your wellbeing.


    poeticfool Reply:

    Yes, Tim, you are right. Creative expression is essential for wellness and helps make it easier to handle the stresses of everyday life. Keep writing whether it be in your journal or something you do publish. Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend!


  • Susan Sproull says:

    Poetry is a hobby for me but it became stressful. I found I spent more time reading others work than writing poetry.


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