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“You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are” by Sannel Larson

IMG_1319[1]Early childhood is an especially tender age. The foundations of personality are laid that will affect us for the rest of our lives. So much good and, unfortunately, so much damage can be done to young hearts and minds during these years. Teaching little ones that they are unique, beautiful and valuable just as they are is an important message to send during these formative years. Too often just the opposite message is conveyed to young, tender hearts; that they are ugly, too fat, too skinny, stupid or useless. Harsh words that can scar a child for life.

You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are“, is the message and the title of Sannel Larson’s most recent children’s book. Full of beautiful and colorful illustrations and a message even more so, your little ones will love the rhyming verse and receive affirmation that they are, indeed, perfect just the way they are. It’s a message children need to hear over and over again and your children will want to read this beautiful book over and over again!

It’s available here on Amazon, so grab your copy quick!

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Summer Amnesia – Haiga by Richard Stephen

Summer Amnesia

Summer Amnesia

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Who Knew, Who Knew – a poem by Richard Stephen


Who Knew, Who Knew

It’s been a few months
since you’ve gone
enough time now
for it to sink in fully
that you’re gone
I’m not quite sure
what to do with that
you’re my big bro,
after all

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