Micropoetry – 18-September-2013

glass-shards-6883-400x250when wishes collide
shattered dreams
in tiny razor shards
fall to the floor
those who dare
walk on

Category: By the Poetic Fool, Life, Micropoetry | 2 comments

  • Sannel says:

    Just a few words but so intense! I can see myself in those razor shards. I’m sure many can. A few words but they say so much. Great work, my friend.


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, dear friend. The brevity of micropoetry is the big attraction for me. I enjoy the challenge of trying to convey a substantial meaning in only a few words. Thanks for your wonderful comment. What would I do without them? I think my blog would have about 10 comments, if not for you!


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