New Blog Photo Gallery Finally Implemented!


A protracted search to find just the right WordPress plugin to redo my photo gallery has finally come up with a winner! OK, it really wasn’t so much protracted as I was just too lazy to get around to it! But I got it done. I did resort to buying a premium plugin but it was affordable and had all the features I required. Not that you care about any of that. My old photo gallery had become unwieldly and fragmented making the task of browsing more trouble than it was worth. The new gallery, I trust, will be much easier and quicker to navigate.

I also took the opportunity to add additional photos to the main gallery and to add a separate gallery for my panoramic photos. I hope you will enjoy browsing my work in this much easier format. I am looking for feedback, i.e. do the photos take too long to load, should I break the photos into smaller themed galleries, any problems you may experience, etc. Like any project, it will evolve and hopefully your feedback will help that evolution occur more quickly.

A few quick tips:

  • enlarge your browser to full screen in order to enjoy larger images
  • you may click on any image to enlarge it or your may browse through them all
  • you can navigate forward or backward by clicking the arrow buttons (< or >) but it’s easier to use the left and right arrow keys
  • you can share a photo on social media sites by clicking on the “+ share” button in the upper right corner
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