Carousel of Dreams by Rick Stephen

brasssangDreams die hard and they should. Our dreams are things that should be worked at, strived for and not given up on easily. Sometimes though, they just aren’t going to happen and it takes a certain level of awareness and maturity to recognize when that point has been reached. It’s not easy to give up on a dream, to rearrange your priorities and decide to pursue something else. Sometimes our dreams seem to take on a life of their own. Though we may know a dream is out of reach sometimes hope just won’t die. This poem, Carousel of Dreams, is about just that. I hope you enjoy it!

Carousel of Dreams

desires, wishes,
wants and needs
a life full
of sterile seeds

dreams implanted
that shanll never be
fruit that the sun
will never see

yet hope strives
for those dreams
but never grasps
the brass ring

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