A Bee About His Business

Busy Bee

A Bee About His Business
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Photo: Richard Stephen 30-July-2013

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Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daises
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Photo: Richard Stephen - 1-April-2013

The Daisy – On Finding one in Bloom on Christmas-day
by James Montgomery

There is a flower, a little flower
With silver crest and golden eye,
That welcomes every changing hour,
And weathers every sky.

The prouder beauties of the field
In gay but quick succession shine;
Race after race their honors yield,
They flourish and decline.

But this small flower, to Nature dear,
While moons and stars their courses run,
Wreathes the whole circle of the year,
Companion of the Sun.

It smiles upon the lap of May,
To sultry August spreads its charms,
Lights pale October on his way,
And twines December’s arms.

The purple heath and golden broom
On moory mountains catch the gale;
O’er lawns the lily sheds perfume,
The violet in the vale.

But this bold floweret climbs the hill,
Hides in the forest, haunts the glen,
Plays on the margin of the rill,
Peeps round the fox’s den.

Within the garden’s cultured round
It shares the sweet carnation’s bed;
And blooms on consecrated ground
In honor of the dead.

The lambkin crops its crimson gem;
The wild bee murmurs on its breast;
The blue-fly bends its pensile stem
Light o’er the skylark’s nest.

‘Tis Flora’s page, – in every place,
In every season, fresh and fair;
It opens with perennial grace,
And blossoms everywhere.

On waste and woodland, rock and plain,
Its humble buds unheeded rise;
The Rose has but a summer reign;
The Daisy never dies!

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New Feature! The Audio Poem of the Day.

poetryfoundationIf you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a new feature to my blog; the “Audio Poem of the Day”. As you know, I love reading and writing poetry. As I’ve gotten into it more I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the spoken word especially poetry read aloud. It can be an entirely different experience from simply reading a poem to yourself. Poetry comes alive when spoken and can take on a myriad of meanings and emotions depending upon the mood and inflections provided by the speaker’s voice. Indeed, the same poem voiced by two different speakers can almost seem like two different poems.

So, I’ve decided to add the “Audio Poem of the Day” feed from the Poetry Foundation to my blog. I enjoy listening to them each day and I hope you will too. You can listen to each day’s poem as well as the previous two day’s by clicking on the “Audio Poem of the Day” links on the menu to the right. Enjoy!

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The Ramblings of a Poetic Fool

frontcover_webI’m pleased and proud to announce that my book, “The Ramblings of a Poetic Fool”, will be released in the very near future. Monday, July 29th is the targeted release date for this, my very first collection of poetry.

“The Ramblings of a Poetic Fool” is a collection of 44 poems including many of my personal favorites. These are poems that run the gamut from the romantic to the tragic, expressing hope and disappointment, ecstasy, desperation and much more. After many trials, much soul-searching and with the support and encouragement of a few dear friends, “Ramblings” is the result. It is my hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

“The Ramblings of a Poetic Fool” will be available on Amazon, Amazon Europe and CreateSpace eStore. Additionally, you will be able to order my book from thousands of major online and offline bookstores and retailers.



A Great Resource for Southern California – the Los Angeles Poet Society


I stumbled upon the great website of the Los Angeles Poet Society today. As usual, I will let LAPS explain itself with this excerpt from their website:

Founded in 2010, the Los Angeles Poet Society, (LAPS), was by raised by East LA born Poet, Jessica M. Wilson. The mission of the LAPS is to create a bridge, fusing the communities of Los Angeles and Southern California Poets, poetry organizations, Writer groups, booksellers, publishers, literary enthusiasts and supporters into a unified social and literary network.

The focal point of LAPS is to network and publicize the events and achievements of its members. LAPS also organizes and promotes events, pulling from within its own community, to create and sustain Los Angeles’ literary anchor.

The founder, Jessica M. Wilson, is a poet from East Los Angeles, CA. Jessica holds her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Otis College, and a BA in both Creative Writing and Art History from UC Riverside. She is the Founder of the Los Angles Poet Society, Writers’ Row (a showcase of Writers during the downtown Art Walk), Writer Wednesdays, and SoapBox Poets which is a collaborative group of artists delivering their work to masses.

If you live in or around Los Angeles, you might want to become a member and take advantage of all this organization has to offer.

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Do you want to join other poets, musicians, songwriters, and artists around the USA and across the planet in a demonstration/ celebration to promote serious social and political change?

“What kind of CHANGE are we talking about?”

The first order of change is for poets, writers, musicians, artists, anybody, to actually get together to create and perform, educate and demonstrate, simultaneously, with other communities around the world. This will change how we see our local community and the global community. We have all become incredibly alienated in recent years. We hardly know our neighbors down the street let alone our creative allies who live and share our concerns in other countries. We need to feel this kind of global solidarity. I think it will be empowering.

And of course there is the political/social change that many of us are talking about these days. There is trouble in the world. Wars, ecocide, the lack of affordable medical care, racism, the list goes on. We are only asking that local organize events about change within the guidelines of peace and sustainability.

It appears that transformation towards a more sustainable world is a major concern and could be a global guiding principle for this event. Peace also seems to be a common cause. War is not sustainable. There is an increasing sense that we need to move forward and stop moving backwards. But I am trying not to be dogmatic. I am hoping that together we can develop our ideas of the “change/transformation” we are looking for as a group, and that each community group will decide their own specific area of focus for change for their particular event.

~ Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion (Co-Founders, 100 TPC)

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Well, it seems true …


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“Literature is a textually transmitted disease, normally contracted in childhood.” – Jane Yolen

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Veronica Speedwell

Veronica Speedwell

Veronica Speedwell
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Photo: Rick Stephen - 3 July 2013

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Dying Inside – Micropoetry – 4 July 2013

There’s a gnawing within me
devouring the man that you see
leaving behind not more than
a mere shell of a man

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