“Melvin … bad, bad kitten!” – a new children’s book by Sannel Larson

melvinIf you’ve visited my blog more than once, you’ve no doubt seen that I’ve featured the poetry of my dear friend Sannel Larson a number of times. Well, I’m doing that again but today with a great sense of excitement as I’m proud to announce Sannel’s first children’s book, “Melvin … bad, bad kitten!” is now available on Amazon. Hold on, you say! This is a poetry blog. Aren’t you supposed to be writing about poetry?

Well, I am! Sannel’s book is written in rhyming verse and details the adventures, or should I say misadventures, of the adorable and mischievous Melvin. Sannel also created the beautiful, colorful illustrations in the wonderful children’s book that would be a perfect gift for the little ones in your life. So, I encourage you to check out Sannel’s new book.

You can also learn a bit more about Sannel on her Amazon Author Page or by visiting her blogs, Sannel in a Nutshell and Sannel’s World of Poetry. You won’t be disappointed to visit either but, better yet, visit both!

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  • Sannel says:

    Rick, thank you for promoting me and Melvin here on your beautiful blog. How sweet and kind of you, my friend. I truly appreciate this. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful and supportive friend.
    Bless your beautiful heart.


    poeticfool Reply:

    You’re very welcome, Sannel! Your book is charming and fun and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. I’m more than glad to do what little I can to draw attention to it. Best of luck with it! I’m looking forward to more books from you in the future. Take care, dear friend!


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