The Sounds of Yore by Rick Stephen

rotary-phoneResearch suggests that smells and sounds are most effective in evoking our memories. It seems to be the case as far as I am concerned. Smells certainly seem to bring forth the most vivid memories but sounds aren’t far behind. Earlier this week, I heard the sound of an old rotary phone ringing. I have no idea how many years it had been since I’d heard that once pervasive sound but it got me thinking.

So many of the common, everyday sounds with which I grew up have vanished or are rarely heard today. This reality prompted my latest poem, The Sounds of Yore. I hope you take a moment to enjoy it. If you’re near my age or older, it’ll be a trip down memory lane. The very young may not be able to relate but in 20 or 30 years they will, believe me!

The Sounds of Yore

There are fond sounds which I no longer hear
sounds from my youth which have grown so dear

sounds that were simply part of life’s soundtrack
but are now memories that I’d like to have back

so bear with me a moment as I reminisce
and recall a few sounds that I so miss

like the gurgle of coffee as it’s percolated
the sound of the brew for which Dad waited

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  • Sannel says:

    Thank you for this nostalgic stroll down memory lane.
    We had an old black rotary phone at home, with a long, springy, coiled, cord dangling off the receiver so you could talk several yards away from where the phone was standing. Anyway this coiled cord had a habit to get all tangled up, and if you did not re-tangle it once in a while, then it tangled until the cord became really, really short. Well, how many times did it not happen, when someone went to pick up the receiver to answer the phone, you got the whole freaking telephone with you, not just the receiver, lol! And those old rotary phones was heavy!
    Oh, now look here what kind of memories your poem brought back. Wow, I had not thought about that for ages. Thanks!


    poeticfool Reply:

    Sannel, I’m glad to take that stroll with you. I love the tangled phone cord story as we has a similar situation in our home. I’m sure if we sat over a cup of coffee we would come up with many such similar stories. Thanks for your regular visits and constant support of my blog. You’re a true friend who is very much appreciated. Take care!


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