What’s in the Spaces? by Rick Stephen

What is it about writing that makes it more than a mere collection of letters and words? I’m thinking in particular of poetry since that is what I write but the question applies to all types of creative writing. Clearly, the words themselves have meanings and words when organized properly can convey even more complex meanings and messages. This is clearly seen in textbooks, instruction manuals, newspapers and such. These are writing forms that have the intent to convey knowledge.

But with creative writing, be it a novel, short story or poem, often the total exceeds the sum of the parts. The words or something also there on the page invoke an emotional response that can’t be accounted for by the collection of words themselves; feelings that can’t be conveyed by mere words. Yet, it seems the words themselves do just that. To those that have experienced being moved in such a way the phenomenon is clear. It’s almost as if the author was able to include amid the letters and words and lines a little bit of his soul. Just enough to convey the emotion the author felt through the dried ink on the page and into the reader’s heart. My poem, “What’s in the Spaces?”, is my rumination on this topic, on this mystery. I hope you enjoy it. Better yet, I hope you experience it. Both as a reader and as a writer.

What’s in the Spaces?

What’s in the spaces
between the words
so painfully crafted
into lines and then verses?

Mere separations,
blank white spaces
or is there more
in those vacuous places?

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  • Sannel says:

    Hi Rick! I’m a little behind commenting on this one. Seems like something is occupying my mind lately. Anyway, I loved this great piece by yours. Beautiful, powerful and thought provoking in every sense. Well done, my friend!
    Oh, and by the way, I just wanted to inform you that I have given you the Liebster Award. An Award for upcoming bloggers, who deserve more recognition and followers for all the wonderful work they do. You can read about it in my “Sannel in a nutshell blog.”


    poeticfool Reply:

    Hi, Sannel. I’m happy for your visit but you know there is no rush or even need for you to do so. That said, thank you for you kinds words. They mean the world to me, they really do. Thanks for the Leibster Award. I’m honored and surprised! I’ll head over to your blog to read all about it. Thanks again for your visit and wonderful comment. They made my day.


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