Yet I Try by Rick Stephen

plantincrackToday I published a new poem on HubPages entitled “Yet I Try.” It’s about holding on to your dreams in the face of disappointment and repeated failure, about not giving up. It’s likely most people will be able to relate simply because very few dreams of any substance are realized without a measure of blood, sweat and tears. The bigger the dream the more blood, sweat and tears are usually shed realizing it.

I wrote this because a dear friend of mine has been struggling lately, feeling dry, defeated and like giving up. I wanted them to know that they can and will push through these hard times. That they are stronger than even they know and that their talent and ability will shine brightly again … soon. I hope you enjoy it and maybe draw a little inspiration, if you are feeling this way too. Remember, it’s not something unique to you. Everyone feels this way at some point. As always comments, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome!

Yet I Try

I lose
yet I win
for I try once again

I doubt
yet believe
or my dreams life will thieve

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