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KDMI confess I’ve been remiss in writing about a wonderful poetry blog recently started by a new friend of mine, Katrine Dal Monte. Katrine is a multi-faceted individual with talents ranging far beyond her poetry. Her new blog, Spirit of Love Poetry is dedicated to love poems and showcases not only her own wonderful work but also that of her friends. When I asked Katrine her plans for her blog, her answer was simple:

“Well, basically, I will continue to add my poems to it, and I will add more friends/poets links to their HubPages and/or blogs, plus if anyone is interested they can add their own love poems to my blog. I’m not trying to monetize on my blog, just to share really.”

Frankly, her’s is a simple and refreshing attitude; a desire to share her own poetry and promote that of her friends. If you enjoy love poems, I encourage you to visit and bookmark Katrine’s blog, Spirit of Love Poetry. Return often, I’m sure the content will be growing fast. When last I checked, Katrine has already devoted six pages to her friend’s poetry. I don’t know about you but I think the web can use more sites like Katrine’s.

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  • sannel says:

    Rick, what a beautiful review on Katrine and her stunning blog. I totally agree, Katrine, a wonderful poet herself and her “Spirit of Love Poetry” site, are a lovely and much needed treasure to the blog world.
    Thank you,


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thanks, Sannel. Yes, the web could use more sites like Katrine’s and yours. Sites that promote not only their owners art but the art of others selflessly expecting nothing in return. I think you are both wonderful for how you use your blogs!


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