A Random Act of Violence by Rick Stephen

I’ve finally finished a poem after the Christmas holidays pretty much shut me down. Each December I have two weeks off until just after New Year’s Day. I had hoped to have lots of spare time to devote to writing. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out to be the case.

So it was with a sense of satisfaction that I finally put pen to paper or more accurately fingers to keyboard and started to write yesterday. “A Random Act of Violence” was the result. I’m not quite sure how this poem ended up as it did. The poem was inspired by childhood memories of laying on the snow at night watching new snow fall out of the darkness above. How and why this pleasant experience morphed into this poem I honestly have no idea. Still, I hope it brings a chill to you in an unexpected way. Enjoy!

A Random Act of Violence

A bed of fresh snow
sends chills down my back
but the will to move
is something I lack

above me snow falls
with nary a sound
twinkling like stars
against blackness profound

they dance and they swirl,
flitter and flutter
on breezes unseen
with millions of others

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