A Desperate Darkness Under the Sun by Richard Stephen

Sometimes as a writer … sorry, I still have difficulty calling myself that … I find myself falling into routines, into ruts. You know, writing the same style and kind of poems. Certainly I still enjoy it but I begin to feel that I am stagnating, not developing as a writer. I feel the need to try something different to challenge myself and keep growing. This poem, A Desperate Darkness Under the Sun is an attempt to break out of the routine, to write in a different style on a completely different topic. I’m very much interested in your thoughts and suggestions on this one so please don’t hesitate to comment. I hope you enjoy it!

A Desperate Darkness Under the Sun

A desperate darkness settles on him
under the heat of the midday sun
with shaky hand he strokes the barrel
his only chance this glistening gun

His skin is blistered, red and dirty
the desert sun has had it’s way
many days has he been out here
three, no four, give or take a day

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