It’s Clear to Me by Richard Stephen

Today on Hubpages, I’ve published my latest poem entitled “It’s Clear to Me.” In it, a man in love recognizes the signs of his relationship’s impending doom. I hope you enjoy it. As always, comments and criticisms are certainly welcome!

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  • Sannel says:

    I hope these thoughts are from past experiences and are now long gone, and that person is out of your life and mind for good. I ask because the imagery was so vivid, so strong that I could feel the pain and heartache going through your body. I guess, that’s why you are such a brilliant poet, Rick! You know how to keep your reader spellbound until the very last word. I loved it! Hugs from Sannel.


  • poeticfool says:

    Thank you, Sannel. I doubt I am any different than anyone else but it is easy for me to go back into my memories and vividly experience the emotions of that time again. Those feelings often find there way into poems like this. Writing about those feelings helps me process and understand them better. Thanks for reading, Sannel. Your friendship and support is appreciated more than you know.


  • paula says:

    No longer published? I’m disappointed. Please tell methat this is temporary for some reason and that your poem will be re-published! Hugs,Paula


    poeticfool Reply:

    Hi Paula! Sorry, that was an oversight on my part as I was making changes here and on HP. It’s been republished. Thanks so much for visiting. I hope all is well with you.


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