Lie with Me a Little While – Richard Stephen

Many men in my generation were raised on Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris and the Marlboro man. Men that stood alone, did it their own way and always triumphed in the end. Against all odds they braved the perils, vanquished evil and won the girl. All without doubt, all without shedding a tear. This was the model for men for generations. Men that didn’t need anybody. Stoic men.

My father was such a man. He was career military. Not an regular officer, mind you, an NCO. The backbone of the service. He was a good man, an honorable man, a proud man. But he never let his doubts or his fears show nor his failures be known. I wish he had. Intentionally or not, he taught me by his example to behave the same way.

But sometimes the world beats the crap out of you. Sometimes it takes more than you have to give and then kicks you to the curb. It’s not always fair. Hell, it’s not often fair and the good guy doesn’t always win. For many men it’s not easy to admit but sometimes you can’t go it alone. Sometimes you need someone to lean on, to bind your wounds, to soothe your nerves, to ease your mind … to reassure you. I know sometimes I need someone to …


Lie With Me a Little While

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