Untitled by Tim Jones

been fighting in the trenches toil and trouble,
someone pour me a shot in fact make it a double,
we can burn the world down to smoke and rubble,
i am out of this planet kind of like the hubble,

just hop in the ring with me i am ready to rumble,
tumble get drunk and stumble speech is all mumbles,
attempt to stay humble hangover stings like bumble,
bee’s flying over me swarming bring me to my knee’s
i could attempt to flee or go on a killing spree
and i do that so well from the opening bell,
souls up for sell choking enemies like spreewell,
product of the ninties grew on kenan and kel,
and all that rugrats had me living in a spell,
of imagination until hit by the worlds realiztions,
began to see the peril of our whole civilization,
the state of the nation embracing such brazen,
bull shit to make any thinking man craven,

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