Questions? by Tim Jones

My son, Tim, continues to amaze me with his lyrics, raps and beats.  Here is one of his latest, a very honest, searching and introspective piece.  It definitely has his trademark style and sounds a bit street but that is the idea, after all.  I think I need to encourage his writing even more.



i look to the light all i do is wince,
been a creature of the night ever since,
heard stories of god, satan and angels,
from a million different views and angles,
can’t say the kid in the manger is a stranger,
but he doesn’t help much to quell my anger,
so i yell i got a soul to sell any takers?
i’m curious at this point who is my maker?
or am i born to earth to work the dirt,
and return the same as my birth,
and start over again this cycle of sin,
until i repent learn some lesson and win,
penance as a being worth freeing within,
or be sentenced to hell in the end,
forced to fend for myself and begin,
eternity in flames with all of my kin,
try and as i might can’t see the light,
open my eyes seems black as any night.

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  • jami says:

    This is very good , your son seems to be following in your footsteps there Mr. Rick 🙂 I think it awesome how young men always lean more towards God in their early years , every one i have known has done the same thing , my brother when he was in his late teens wanted to be a priest , too bad he didnt follow through . If i could vote on this piece , i would vote it up , awesome , useful , beautiful and interesting ..all the way across the board ! have a blessed evening ! ttyl


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