Aaarrrrrrrgh! Writer’s Block!

This has been a slow month for writing whether it be poetry or this blog. I normally post my own poetry or that of other poets but I haven’t been doing much in the line of writing or reading of late. It’s funny that whenever I suffer from writer’s block (which is far too often) I also have a reduced desire to read. This is really unfortunate because reading, and not just poetry, often provides me inspiration to write. So, for me at least, writer’s block is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways.

So, not wanting to let this blog languish during such periods, I decided to expand a bit and use it to expound on my thoughts and feelings about poetry, both reading and writing it, how it affects me, my experiences in the poetry community and more. I’ve known for some time I’ve needed to make this blog a little more personal and have decided to take the plunge. This may seem silly for some of you but I am normally quite a guarded person. This whole adventure that, for me, began eight months ago when I published my first poem on HubPages is really quite a departure for me. I had never before published anything online before much less something as personal as poetry.

What I write, like most writers, is heavily based on my own personal experiences. It’s not all true. Some is fiction but still heavily based on real experiences. However, most is true. At least from my perspective. Writing poetry has proven to be, for me, a healthy and cathartic way to express feelings that I might otherwise have difficulty expressing. Feelings, that if left bottled up inside, could and most likely would ultimately be expressed in unhealthy and non-constructive ways.

I’ve found that writing poetry forces me to understand my emotions better. “Getting in touch with my feelings” is how most people would say it. This hasn’t always been easy for me. I’m a rather stoic type or so I have been told more than once. So this is all a pretty big step for me and quite an adventure. Of course, I realize that only a handful of people are actually reading this blog. I do hope that changes someday but it doesn’t matter in the long run. The reason I write poetry and this blog is not to gain recognition, I know my poetry is not that good! It’s to find an outlet for my emotions, my frustrations, my creative urges, to understand these things and to hopefully connect with others that have the same wish. If someone happens to enjoy my writing, if they’re touched by it in any way, then all the better.

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