Ode to a Songbird

by Richard Stephen
O little songbird
why do you sing
such melodious airs
before you take wing?

With the rays of the sun
your voice also rises
in a most joyous dirge
for the dark as it dies.

Do you extol wisdom,
what news do you bring
with your mellifluous lyrics
proclaimed when you sing?

Or is it just nonsense
a glorious but futile noise
a task done each day
in which there’s no choice?

Are you opening each day
with a singular prayer
giving thanks for provision
and having nary a care?

Then are you compelled
with all creation to share
the joy that’s within you,
joy beyond compare?

Or do you sing thus
for you know no other way
your lungs filled with praise
by He who created the day?

No, it does not matter
whether I know full or in part
for whatever reason you sing
it does good to my heart.

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  • Dorianna says:

    soft, quiet pondering, appreciative words…love the cadence, the curiosity and delicate beauty of your words


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you for visitng my blog and your very kind words, Dorianna. I’m glad you enjoyed this piece. I enjoy writing about nature as much as I do love and romance. I hope you will visit again. Take care!


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