Silence, Blessed Silence

by Richard Stephen
Silence, blessed silence
where on this earth
could you be?

Though with great haste
after you I do chase
you’re ever far from me


Silence, golden silence
for where you are, I am not
and where I am, you flee

And wherever I look
in every cranny and nook
you’re ever not with me!


Silence, holy silence
It’s your peace that I covet
I long for your blessed relief

For within my soul
form ever-widening holes
of worry, care and grief


Silence, wonderful silence
please show me your favor
and grant me serenity

if this you will do,
I’ll give you your due
on my lips your praises will be


Silence, sacred silence
I beg you, hear my plea
please still my soul within me

Don’t make me wait
please don’t be late
and hasten yourself unto me!

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  • jm says:

    this is awesome as always, but are u talking to God or a girl or to God abt a girl.


    poeticfool Reply:

    Hi Jenn, thanks for dropping by my blog again. Actually, this poem’s meaning is pretty straightforward. It’s about my need for silence, peace and quiet. I have a very busy life with work (including a very long commute), family, friends, writing, etc. here in southern California. It seems peace and quiet is near impossible to find and this poem was written at a time in my life when I desperately needed it but couldn’t seem to find it. So, nothing so dramatic as a girl I’m afraid. Still, thanks for reading and commenting. Your visits are always appreciated.


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