Finding Restoration

by Richard Stephen

Under a canopy of trees
high up a mountainside
far away from the bustle
is the place that I hide

Behind me sheer peaks
rise and greet sky
below me a meadow
does verdantly lie

On a bed of fallen needles
upon which I spread
I lie in repose and
find rest for my head

The pine trees reach up
ever upward they do strive
a canopy of green
against pastel blue skies

The air it does dance
high up in these trees
and caresses my face
this warm, gentle breeze

As the sunshine filters down
through limb and through leaf
it brings warmth to my skin
and to my soul gives relief

Here sounds only of creation
impinge on my ear
and raise not an eyebrow
and as such have grown dear

The flutter of wings
slicing playfully through air
the drop of a cone
first here and then there

The groan of the trees
as they bend in the breeze
the brook as it babbles
on its way to the sea

The songs of the birds
lilting through the air
the knock of the woodpecker
busy building his lair

In time my eyes grow heavy
as nature does seep
life’s cares from my bones
and she lulls me to sleep

When I awaken I’m renewed
my soul is restored
nature’s miracle completed
on this forest floor

Here none but I visit
it’s sacred, you see
but if your spirit is kindred
I’ll take you with me

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  • ajwrites57 says:

    Lovely and peaceful interlude. Reminds of a scene from movie Phenomenon when John Travolta points out the rhythm of the trees to his girl. Enjoyed poeticfool! I like the structure–some of my poems are in this format. Love this:

    “In time my eyes grow heavy
    as nature does seep
    life’s cares from my bones
    and she lulls me to sleep”


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thanks! That is what I was hoping this a piece would portray. Something that I could use much more frequently. I know the seen to which you refer. I must admit I enjoy that movie quite a bit as corny as it can be. Thanks for reading and commenting. Take care!


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