Symphony of Light

by Richard Stephen

If music were light
an aurora it would be
but played in the heavens
for all nature to see

Across deep blackened velvet
moves the spectra in bands
moving in time with
the Conductor’s deft hand

Every movement a new color
every wave a new bar
set to a celestial score
with notes fixed by the stars

To a melody divined
from some heavenly place
colors spiral, curl and fold
as each instrument’s played

When in the firmament sounds
such a graceful adagio
in refrain sings the cold wind
then builds the crescendo

What bliss it does bring
for it’s a wonderous sight
and music for the eyes
a harmony in light

Yes, pray it won’t end
this euphony of light
alas, the last note has echoed
in this symphony tonight

And from whence it began
does it find its way back
and this symphony ends
as the sky fades to black

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