Love’s Sudden Stop

by Richard Stephen

Often I ponder
the origin of words
of phrases and idioms
and the meanings they serve.

Some just make no sense,
was the coiner so crazed?
What were they thinking
when they created that phrase.

Take for example
something we do all say
when we meet someone special
and get carried away.

We are falling in love
we say at the start.
We’ve fallen for someone
when they’ve captured our heart.

Yet, love lifts us up
where we do belong
isn’t that what were told
in the words of the song.

Often we proclaim
we are floating on air
when we do speak of
our loved one so fair.

We call her an angel
this object of our love.
All about her is heavenly,
she was sent from above!

Her love it does take us
up onto cloud nine
another heavenly reference
to a love so sublime.

If love does uplift us
why do we “fall” in love
and then assign to it
the results of a shove?

And then it came to me
and it fits like a glove
why falling is so apt
when it comes down to love.

It’s not the fall that kills you
when in love you do drop
what does do you in
is love’s sudden stop!

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  • jen says:

    then….just don’t stop…or fall together!! (I know its corny but its all I came up with) hope ur doing well my sweet friend! Your a wiz with words!!!


    poeticfool Reply:

    Hi Jen! Thanks for the visit. I think the sudden stop referred to in the poem isn’t voluntary. What kills you is when loves ends when you don’t want it to! That’s a killer! Thanks again for stopping by. Take care.


  • paula says:

    Rick…..This is great. I love it. Now that you have me thinking about this,I’m wondering which is worse~~a “sudden stop”..or an agonizing, slow realization that we’re losing someone……Either way, just like death, it hurts just as badly.
    You Poetry never fails to inspire….Have a wonderful week-end, Paula


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Paula! You’re much too kind! I had a lot of fun writing this one and though it was meant that way, it certainly does have a measure of truth. When love ends for whatever reason that stop is usually painful. Thanks for reading, my friend!


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