The Small Boy Inside

by Richard Stephen
It’s been ten years now
Dad, since you passed on
and left such a hole
but still I must go on.

How then can I write
what I can’t even say?
How much I do miss you
on this Father’s Day.

For though I’m long grown
with my own family too
I’m not supposed to say
how much I need you.

The world sees a man
but there’s a small boy inside
who has often felt lost,
Dad, since you have died.

You were my foundation,
you were always there.
Guiding and teaching
and rebuking, though fair.

You taught me a man
isn’t afraid to love,
to be gentle and strong,
to trust Him above.

To be honest and fair,
to honor my vow,
and earn each day’s wage
with the sweat of my brow.

To find she who loves me
and make her my bride,
and raise my own family
to lead and to guide.

To provide and protect,
to always be there,
to show by example
that real men do care.

With pressures and demands
clamoring from every side,
I’ve done my best, Dad
really, I’ve tried.

Still, often I long
to hear your strong voice
reassuring and confirming
that I’ve made the right choice.

So, I hope that you see me
from heaven with pride.
For I know that you too
had a small boy inside.

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  • Vellur (Nithya Venkat) says:

    Great poem, I tried to pin this poem onto my poetry collection. It says “Cannot pin because no images are found”. I guess you have to have an image to pin.


    poeticfool Reply:

    Hi Nithya, thank you for the kind comment on my poem. Yes, there needs to be an image in order to pin somethign since it is the image that is pinned. The links back to whatever you are pinning are then included with the link. I will add the picture that I used on HubPages so that peopel can pin it in the future, if they choose. Thanks for visiting!


  • Ian Stuart says:

    It’s a good poem. The father/son relationship doesn’t end when one of them is dead. This had echoes for me.


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Ian. I was well into adulthood when my father passed. I’ve found that what you say is true, the father/son relationship doesn’t end when one is gone. In some strange ways, it even grows stronger. I’m glad you related to this and thanks for letting me know. It means a lot!


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