Would You Offer Your Hand?

by Richard Stephen

If I stumbled and fell
would you offer your hand
and pull me back up
and help me to stand?

If my load were too heavy
and bending my back
would you lend me a shoulder,
make up what I lack?

If somehow I wander
and should lose my way
would you gently correct me
that I may not stray?

If death were to grieve me
and steal someone dear
would you listen and hold me,
just sit and be near?

If my heart has been pierced,
cut quick to my soul
would you do what you could
to help make me whole?

If laughter or love
should either come my way
would you rejoice in my fortune
and laugh while we may?

If these things you do
this message you’ll send
you’re true and you’re faithful
and more than a friend.

When trouble visits you,
which life surely will send,
you’ll need someone too
and I’ll be that friend.

Then a bond will be forged
tried, tested and refined
hardened as through fire
to last a lifetime.

Life has a way
of bending one’s knee
of abasing and humbling
as in time we all see.

We weren’t meant to walk
through this life all alone
we so need each other
to find our way home.

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  • jenn says:

    your so awesome!! I love all the ones where u talk about love and caring!! just feel it deep inside!! love it!!


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Jenn! It really means a lot to read your kinds words. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will stop by again.


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