Why You Are So Fair

by Richard Stephen
I study you in silence
often when you’re unaware
trying to learn what it is
that makes you so fair.

I could conclude, too easily,
’tis your beauty that makes you so
but that’s not all, there’s so much more
but what I do not know.

No, it’s not that simple
there is so much more involved.
There’s a mystery within you
that’s not so easily solved.

It doesn’t matter what you wear,
an evening gown or jeans.
For in whatever you do dress
you are equally at ease.

Nor is it perfume, nor jewelry
nor how you adorn your hair
you beauty doesn’t come from them
they do not make you fair.

I often watch you when you sleep
after each days travail has ceased
in such a slumber that only comes
from a heart at rest and peace.

For I learned from time spent together
that in you there is no guile
nor hatred, nor prejudice, nor deceit
nor anything so vile.

It’s in the way which you do move
so graceful and so alive.
Just as the willow bends in the breeze
so gently and so lithe.

It’s in your words that do float forth
on an air of grace and mirth.
Uplifting all who hear them
and affirming each their worth.

It’s how you make each one feel
as the conversation unfurls
that they each have somehow become
the center of your world.

It’s in how your heart goes out
and how your touch does treat
the wounds and cares and often tears
of everyone you meet.

To find such beauty is quite rare
in one not wrapped up in self
who finds joy in serving others
before she serves herself.

So, there it is, for all to see
what wasn’t clear to me
Your fairness is far more than looks
tis the sum of all of these.

It’s your beauty and your grace
and how you show you care
for all that is around you
that makes you oh so fair.

And so I find I’m overwhelmed
and so very hard to believe
that of all the people in this world
you give your love to me.

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  • Lolapowers says:

    You are definitely deserving of her love..


    poeticfool Reply:

    Thank you, Lola! It’s very kind of your to say so. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog and with come back for another visit soon.


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